Spring Means New Beginnings

Welcome to the next chapter of A Darker Shade of Rosie! (How many times are we going to restart this thing?? I guess we'll never know!) 

My automatic response to the pandemic last year was just shut down. I didn't read a lot, I didn't take care of my physical health (like some did), I quit blogging, the house never felt clean... 😓 Oh, but there's an upside! I found a new hobby in photography, and I basically focused all my spare time and care into this new passion. I put forth a lot of money and self-teaching on posing, technique and editing, and I'm very happy with this new thing in my life. 

But then time for blogging was suddenly non-existent. Honestly, the time away has been very cathartic. In the same vein though, I've missed it terribly. The community, talking about books, writing about life. It's basically been a part of me for the past six-and-a-half years, and it's not something I can just quit now. 

To be blunt... here's a brand spankin' new blog! I ultimately decided to retire Wordpress and try my hand at the Blogger platform, simply because I didn't want to pay for Wordpress anymore. It's sad to have left all of my old posts behind, but it's not like we haven't been here before, so... 😅 

So, hi, I'm Rosie, let's be friends? I hope we can chat about books, movies, tv, music, and photography and just have an all-around good time, whaddaya say? 💖


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