Top 10 Books on my Spring TBR

Happy Tuesday, and let’s all thank the heavens for this beautiful weather we’re having right now!! I started this blog post on my break at work, sitting in my car with every single window open. The sun shining, the birds singing, and the fact that the sun won’t disappear by the time I’m walking out of work. Yes. 🙌🏻

So yesterday, it really was on a whim that I revived my blog and switched from Wordpress to Blogger. I had my auto-renew turned off for my domain and WP account, and I was just going to let it ride out until the end. But it just made me so sad! So I looked into Blogger, and well, here we are. And since it was so last minute, that’s why today’s Top 10 post will be published so late. Because I was up until midnight last night fidgeting with my blog’s look instead of curating content, so... 🙈

Top 10 Books on my Spring TBR 

A Court of Silver Flames
⌁ I'm soooo close to finishing this one. 🥵
The Ten Thousand Doors of January ⌁ I'm also super close to finishing this one, like almost-to-the-epilogue close!
Regretting You ⌁ I finished Ugly Love by CoHo last week, and I just need more.
9 Days & 9 Nights ⌁ I re-read 99 Days this month, so I'm ready to dig into this sequel.
Six of Crows  Okay, this is finally going to get read. I have to read it before the tv show hits Netflix!!! (And maybe a re-read of the Grisha trilogy is in order as well?)

Havenfall ⌁ This has been on my list for a while - hope I finally get to it.
I Killed Zoe Spanos ⌁ This audiobook is up on Scribd, and I'm excited to listen to it.
Listen to Your Heart ⌁ Slowly working my way through all of Kasie West's YA romance novels, and this is also up on Scribd for listening!
Love, Life and the List ⌁ Another Kasie West novel, but I have the physical copy of this one.
Lucky in Love ⌁ This is also on Scribd... I make good use of my Scribd account, okay? 😅

💭 What books are you hoping to read this spring?


  1. ACOSF is on my list to read soon, too! And Kasie West is such a great springtime pick. I hope you enjoy them all! Thanks for visiting my TTT. :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

    1. It definitely took me a bit to get into ACOSF, but I highly recommend it!! I hope you love it. 😜

  2. There are so many good books here. I really need to get to Ten Thousand Doors of January! I just always forget about my kindle books! haha

    1. I am guilty of this as well 😅 I'm afraid to see how many unread books I have on mine... I have just been majorly utilizing my Scribd app lately lol


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