Life Update: Boyfriend's Bday + Bipolar Weather

Once again, the midwest just can't pick a season! We've had snow, we've had cool, spring days, and we've had days where we sweat because of the heat. When will the madness end? Yeah, probably never.

My boyfriend had a birthday! It's the tenth birthday I've spent with him. 😭 We had a nice day (despite having a moment of bickering, because we're old and crochety now) and I got him a new gaming mug and a Deadpool blanket – because he's obsessed with Deadpool. We went out to eat at Daruma, which is a hibachi-style restaurant, and it was beyond delicious! We've been going out to eat a little bit more; Texas Roadhouse last week for my in-laws' anniversary, Daruma this week, and I even sat in a gyro place with my friend that we really love.

Last Wednesday, we got ~2 inches of snow. ðŸ˜‘ Come on, Ohio! It's the end of April – let spring do its thing! I'll admit that it was beautiful to look at on my way to work that morning, and it had me itching to get my camera out and go galavanting through the snow to get some perfect shots... but I had to go to work unfortunately, and it was melted by the time the day was over.

Our son has been having weekend sleepovers in our bed! On Friday, or sometimes Saturday nights, Rowan gets to sleep in mom and dad's bed! ☺️ We get a bowl of popcorn, turn on a movie or his favorite show at the time (currently Puppy Dog Pals or Toy Story or Finding Nemo) and get cozy under the blankets! Lately, he stays up a bit later and won't pass out until past 11, or sometimes midnight 😭 which is hard on me sometimes, lol! But he's pretty good about laying there quietly, and if I doze off before him, it's no big deal.

Rowan is going to be three this week! Can anyone please tell me where the time went?? I'm really excited for this Friday (his birthday) because we have the day off and we're going to have a bday photoshoot and go to the zoo, and maybe even go to the trampoline park (his favorite place currently)! I'm just going to go cry now about my baby growing up.

💭 What have you been up to lately? Have you been personally victimized by the weather, too?


  1. I live right outside Cincinnati OHIO so I had about the same weather as you, and yeah, it's pretty crazy. I'm ready for some warmer days this week! Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend, and happy early birthday to your son!!! I hope you have a fab day celebrating him.


    1. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to Friday 😄 These past couple of days were SO nice, and now we're about to get the April showers for the rest of the week haha. 😝


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