Life Update: Easter, Egg Hunts + Vaccinations!

Despite the drastic weather changes the Midwest is wreaking on my sinuses, I managed to have a good holiday last weekend, and this past week wasn't terrible either. In case it wasn't fundamentally clear with the pictures above, I basically only take pictures of nature's phenomenon, and my son! 😅 (Also, you know, the occasional book pic.)

I do have a side photography business, though, and I've got 4 projects I'm working on right now. I'm looking forward to this coming Monday (which is a day I've taken off) so that I can catch up on pictures, watch some shows, and read my current books! I do want to try and mentally train myself to take more pictures from my daily life, for the sake of the blog. But I swear... I've currently got 6,486 pictures on my phone right now, and I bet 95% of them are my son Rowan, and the other 5% is probably book photos for my Instagram, or some weird screenshot. Ha!

My son (and my family) had a great Easter! This was the first year my boy was able to do an Esater egg hunt, and actually know what was going on! 😆 Last year (as you all know) sucked as far as any holiday goes, and we weren't able to do it. This year, he LOVED it, and kept saying "more eggs?" once it was over (hehe), but he had a blast opening all the eggs to see what was inside. The Easter Bunny also made an appearance at our school, and Rowan got to dance for him and show his belly (as toddlers do, right?).

I've also been able to take him to lots of parks now that the weather is nice and I can't wait to take him to many more this summer! And speaking of weather, will you just peep that double rainbow picture?? How beautiful! I was in awe looking at it in person this past Friday, I just HAD to snap a quick photo!

Last but not least, I'm fully vaccinated! I got my second dose last Tuesday, and I'm feeling great! No side effects, other than a little tiredness and slight soreness in my arm, so yay! Hopefully we're all on the road to some sort of back-to-normal! 🙏🏻

💭 What are some things that happened to you this week? Did you have a good Easter?


  1. Congrats on being fully vaccinated! Most of the pictures on my phone are of my dogs, which are my only children, so I get having all those pictures of your son on yours! Enjoy your day off tomorrow.
    Lisa Loves Literature

  2. Yay for being vaccinated. I am too!! I'm always taking photos of my cat or books, so I get it. LOL Hope you had a nice, relaxing day off tomorrow and get some reading in!!


    1. *fist bump* I did have a nice, relaxing day, but I barely read 😅 but thank you!! ❤️


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