Top 10 Bookish Animals That Give Me Heart Eyes

Happy Tuesday, my friends. Tuesday is the perfect day for a list, don't you think? The prompt for this list is 'animals in books', and boy did I have a hard time with this list! 😅

And naturally, all of the ones that came easy to me were from the imagination of miss Sarah J. Maas. She always creates creatures and pets that give me heart eyes! 😍

The artwork is by Taratjah, and it's a picture of Manon riding Abraxos from the Throne of Glass series by SJM.

Top 10 5 Animals in Books that I've Read

1. Abraxos (Throne of Glass) ⌁ This magnificent creature is a wyvern, and he's actually a soft lil bby and I love him so, so much. One of my favorite fictional relationships is between Manon and Abraxos. He was a "bait beast" in the beginning, abused and scarred with broken teeth, until Manon claimed him as hers and replaced his teeth with iron ones and put iron spikes on his tail, and even fixed his broken wings by grafting Spidersilk to them. But even though he's on the smaller side, he's super intelligent and enjoys wildflowers, and is affectionately referred to as "worm" by his rider. 😂

2. Syrinx (Crescent City) ⌁ Like I said, SJM creates the BEST pets! Syrinx is a chimera that belongs to Bryce Quinlan. He is an affecrionate beast, but is not afrqaid to be vicious when it means protecting those he loves. He has the power to pick locks, and even teleport!1!! (Which is super amusing when Bryce found out after putting him in a crate at night for so long.)

3. Fleetfoot (Throne of Glass) ⌁ Fleetfoot is a regular species of dog, gifted to Celaena Sardothien by Prince Dorian Havilliard on Yulemas. She's just the goodest girl who is loyal to Celaena, and cautious of any other stranger. I have yet to read Kingdom of Ash and I swear if anything happens to Fleetfoot.......

4. Silas (Sorcery of Thorns) ⌁ I know this is stretching it a bit... If you've read Sorcery of Thorns, you know that Silas the cat is actually a demon, and not really a cat at all. Despite his demon capabilities, I really believe he is the goodest, most loyal demon.

5. Kishmish (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) ⌁ A cute little chimera from Laini Taylor's imagination; he has bat wings with the body of a crow and the forked tongue of a serpent. Cute, right??? He's the sweetest little messenger. Fun fact: Kishmish means "raisin" in Persian!

And... well, guys, that's really all I've got! I think the moral of this post is that I need more books with memorable animal characters!! Give me some suggestions?

💭 What are your favorite animal characters from books you've read?

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  1. They all sound cool!

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  2. Nice list - I guess I need to start reading SJM here soon!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

  3. I can reassure you without being too spoilery that both Abraxos and Fleetfoot are fine after Kingdom of Ash.
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    1. BLESS!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  4. Sarah J Maas does a great job incorporating cute animals into her books. For more suggestions check out my post at

  5. Oh yeah! I forgot that the Throne of Glass series had a lot of awesome animals! Great list!

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