Watch List: April 2021

Let me start off with saying that I LOOOOVE watching tv shows, I really do! Let me follow that up with: I don't have a lot of spare time to watch the shows that I want to watch! Between parenting, reading, blogging, exercising, and doing my side-photography gig... that doesn't leave a lot of extra room. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep. (But oh, how I love to sleep. 😴)

Nevertheless, I still love talking TV and what I've been watching, so here's my (small) list of shows I watched in April!

April: What I Watched

A Teacher Cruel Summer
I binged this 8-episode series on Hulu, and mosly because of Nick Robinson, not gonna lie. But Kate Mara was really good too! It was a heartbreaking and disturbing thing that I feel happens way too often in the real world, where teachers have intimate relations with their underage students. Another Hulu show, except I can't binge it because it comes out one episode per week!! 😭 I'M IMPATIENT. Anyway, this is a delicious mystery about a girl basically taking over another girl's life, and it's creepy and I wanna know more! Currently 2 episodes in.

Shadow and Bone The Masked Singer
Only 3 episodes in, but... IT'S HERE!!! I've been super excited about the Grisha trilogy coming to the small screen, and even though I haven't read Six of Crows yet, I've been thrilled to learn about Kaz, Inej, and Jesper, who I've heard such amazing things about. I can't wait to watch more this weekend! Last month, my boyfriend and I started watching The Masked Singer together because it's such a fun show to guess who the singing celebs are underneath the mask. I've been watching season 5, but we've also been making our way through the old seasons, just 'cuz we didn't want to watch just one episode per week. 😂

And that, friends, is all I've had time for – besides, obviously, copious amounts of Puppy Dog Pals, Bluey, and Disney movies, courtesy of my son. I swear I've seen Finding Dory and Finding Nemo a hundred times, and don't even get me started on Toy Story... 😅 

Tell me, how does one read at least one book a week and keep up with TV shows and work a 40-hr job with a side hustle and be a parent and practice self-care and exercise and sleep 7-8 hours per night? Would love to learn your tips and tricks, if you have any!

💭 What are some of your favorite shows to watch? 


  1. Haven't watched Shadow and Bone yet - but I definitely plan to!

  2. I spend a lot more time reading than watching TV or movies, but there are sooo many things I want to watch! LOL I do want to read A Teacher. Love Nick Robinson.



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