Life Update: And then BAM, 2021 is almost over!!1!

Yikes. Hello there. I've only been MIA for, what? Almost 8 months? 😅 Things happened, what can I say?!?

I'm really overwhelmed about going through ALL of the happenings in my life since late April, so let's do some highlights! Cool? Cool.

Our window view in Hawaii
I went to Hawaii! My family and I took our first vacation since September 2020, and we went big. We stayed in an amazing two-floor condo off of the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (the BIG island) for seven days! It was gorgeous.

My photography business really picked up this season. The summer was slow, but I didn't advertise very much. As soon as I got back from Hawaii, everyone took the bait on my fall mini sessions and then I was swamped in Christmas mini editing!!! (Okay let's be honest, I still am swamped, and I should 100% be using this time to edit photos but instead I am rambling on a blog that no one reads anymore. Do I have a problem? Definitely. But the blogging is therapeutic, so don't @ me.)

Rowan at the beach in HI
This was the first year Rowan picked his Halloween costume. And he went with Spiderman! He was on a Spidey kick for a hot minute there, and he's since found a new obsession... but he was the cutest little Spiderman!! I'm pretty sure he picked it because his best friend also wanted to dress up as Spiderman. And we took them to Boo! at the Zoo together and they had a blast!

Rowan went to the dentist for the first time. Lots of firsts for this little guy! He didn't do too bad, and wasn't all that scared. Shy at times, but not scared, so that was good! He loved the little tube that they use to suck out your spit, and the dental assistant let him have a good time with that! 😂

I got a new SUV right before Thanksgiving! Thanks to my extra income with photography, I'm able to afford a new car payment and it's been my DREAM for quite some time now to own a SUV. More importantly, one that is blue and has a sunroof. ðŸĪŠ AND I FOUND ONE, and I am so in love with it. Sometimes I take detours to stay in my car a little longer, and other times I'll just sit in it for like an extra 10 minutes once I've reached my destination. Hahah.

So that's me in a nutshell of 8 months' time. Don't expect me to be back one hundred percent, but... dang it feels good to just type! Hopefully I can do this a little more often than twice a year though. 😆

💭 How has your week been? Are you even still here? Hello? Bueller?


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