Last, Current, Next: 9/21

Happy hump day! 🐪 In lieu of reviving my book blog to talk about, y'know, bookish things, I wanted to replicate something in the vein of "WWW Wednesdays" from Taking on a World of Words. And this post will cover the following:

1. What is the last book I finished?
2. What am I currently reading?
3. What do I plan on reading next?

Pretty simple, right?

The last book I finished

What I'm currently reading

What I plan to read next

Goodreads & The StoryGraph
Absolutely LOVED this book! Colleen Hoover came out of left field with this one and I was thrilled, shocked, even appalled... but so totally gripped!
Goodreads & The StoryGraph
Currently at 63%. A paranormal, another new genre for Hoover. It's fascinating me, but not quite in the way that Verity did.
Goodreads & The StoryGraph
A parent from my daycare recommended this — and even brought me her copy! — after I ranted a little when finishing Verity on social media. 😅 So excited to read another thriller!

💭 what are you reading right now?


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