Life Update: What Have I Been Doing These Past 10 Months?!

A second unintended (and super long, also consecutive) hiatus?! I just don't know how to divide my time equally, do I? 😂 (It's not a trick question. The answer is definitely 'no.') It's also fine that I know that nobody really reads my blog anymore. 😪 The writing is just therapeutic and nice to do, for my own enjoyment. Sometimes I like to look back at previous posts (especially 'life' ones) and re-live the moments. 

so anyway, i'm currently on vacation!

My boy & I at Daytona Beach this week!
My little family and I are on our first Florida vacation! The last time I was in FL, I was 18 and visiting with my high school choir at Disney. We normally vacation at Myrtle Beach, but this time we wanted to do something different. (And it is in our — yay!) 

We didn't choose Daytona Beach; Daytona Beach chose us. And thus far, we're having an excellent time! 

We had a nice flight in (my second time flying in my life!) and I managed to finish an audiobook during the trip. (It was Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare ⭐️⭐️⭐️) I also read Verity by Colleen Hoover and what the WHAT. 🤯

Rowan is having so much fun at the pools and the beach that every time we have to go (whether it's to eat or just rest from being out in the sun) it's a bit of a fight. 🥴 He keeps asking where all his toys are, too. 😆 We're hoping to see a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Station this week, but they keep getting rescheduled due to lightning. Hope tonight is finally the night! And we're trying to schedule a dolphin & manatee tour, so hopefully that happens today or tomorrow.

things that have happened this past year...

My son Rowan has tried two new sports since my last life update! This spring, he played his first sport — soccer! He joined with his best friend, and honestly, he won't be joining the pros anytime soon. 🤣 Just kidding, I knew the first sport wouldn't be promising. He did a lot of hiding in the goal and walking the outline of the field — ha! Then in July, we signed him up for T-ball! Once again with his best friend, but they actually did way better with this sport. Rowan had fun fielding and hitting the ball! 

We had another vacation before this one — Tennessee! We took half our fam (literally 😂 there were 9 of us) to Crossville, TN for some lake fun! We got to go out on a pontoon, which was probably the highlight of the whole trip, and Rowan had a blast! He was basically swimming all by himself (with floaties) and I was just so happy to see him having a good time.

Rowan is now in Pre-K! 😭 Although, really, I couldn't be more happy about the room he's in now. His teachers are the best and I love the communication & recommendations I get from them! The whole "preschool" year was TOUGH, and potty-training just about broke me. But right before his 4th birthday in April, he figured it out. Thank god. 😅 And now we're is a super good place with school. (And this time next year, he'll be in kindergarten...... we're not gonna talk about it.)

A maternity session with my photography business!
My photography business has really taken off! I am thrilled, yet terrified, at the magnitude my business has grown so fast. 😅 Things are certainly hard with a 40-hr job on top of it, but the extra income is so, so nice. Especially with that new car payment I started in November... heh. 

The blonde is gone! A couple weeks ago, I decided to say bye bye to the blonde hair. It's dark brown for me again! And this time... I added purple. 💜 

And two weeks before this vacation... I tested positive for Covid. 🥴 So since September 1st, I've been in quarantine. I could've gone back the day after Labor Day, but my day 10 would be my son's day 1 since he's a close contact, and we just can't help being around each other in quarantine. I tried to mask up as much as possible around him, but he started coughing and having a runny nose Labor Day weekend. I didn't test him, because it didn't really matter as far as returning to work, because by the time he could go back, we'd be on our way to Florida anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Luckily, my symptoms just felt like that of allergies. Lots of sneezing, a sore throat in the mornings, and runny nose. Bah.

💭 How was your summer? do you still read my blog?! haha!


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