#RandomFridayFive - New Weekly Music Post!


Happy Friday! And look who's back... 🤪 It's been...a year. I miss blogging so much, but there are just too many things in my life taking precedence. For example, my 40 hr/week job, my photography side-gig (that's becoming less and less "side" 😳) and then there's my 4-year-old. Ha! So much to do, so little time. 

But I saw someone do this on Insta, and I wanted to do a blog series on it. I love music and discovering new songs, and I know there's others out there like me! So if I can't blog about books or authors or the things I still love but don't have time for, I want to blog about music and the songs I listen to. Pretty simple and doesn't take a lot of brain power or thought! Woo!

The idea was to open your preferred music app on your phone, hit 'random' and screenshot the first 10 songs. Don't cheat and skip songs! But instead of 10, I will just do five, and make a catchy little weekly tag, #RandomFridayFive.

If you want to do this weekly thing I am going to *try* to start, leave a comment and maybe I'll try to do a link where everyone can put there blog post up?

I have really eclectic music taste, so this is going to be fun! 

To the songs!

What an interesting first post we have. 🤣 I got made fun of by my boyfriend for listening to a band called "Hot Milk" hahaha, but they have really good songs! And then we have good ol' Billy Joel. His music makes me so nostalgic. And then Falling in Reverse - love me some Ronnie Radke, no matter how controversial he can be, ha. "new friend" by Nevertel is a fairly new song that I haven't listened to that much, but I saved it because I liked it. And then NFG! Another band that makes me nostalgic for my high school days!

Can't wait to see what other songs will randomly pop up for this weekly post! 

💭 Even if you don't make your own post, put your music on shuffle and tell me what the first five songs are! Looking forward to discovering new music! xo


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