#RandomFridayFive: The One With a Lot of Rock-Genre Songs

TGIF! My first full week back at work all month! 😩 It was a bit of a doozy, too. But we're so close to the weekend, I can practically taste it! So... are you ready for another round of random music goodness?

Just here for the tunes...

I can't get enough of this song... so fun to sing out loud in the car to! Love this whole album by Papa Roach, but this might be one of my faves from The Paramour Sessions! Just a few songs I've added from this band — this one is super good.
Brendon Urie...need I say more? Probably one of my favorite Melanie Martinex songs!

This round was pretty much full of rock music, which is my typical go-to genre.

💭 What's your favorite music genre? What are the first five songs that pop up when you press shuffle?


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