#RandomFridayFive: The One Where it Starts to Get Weird...

Happy Friday! 🥳

I would honestly be celebrating more for a Friday, but it's our last full day in Daytona Beach. 🥺 We've had such a fun, memorable time together, and as much as I'm ready to get back into the swing of things at home, I hate to see our vacation end. 

Music time!

Okay so, week two! I used to be a big FFTL fan in my high school days, as well as Fall Out Boy. I'm sure I listened to From Under the Cork Tree a bajillion times!  And then we have some T-Swift, because I can't resist a good pop-bop. My momma used to listen to the song "One of Us" so much and it's just a song I grew up with and I like for it to pop up on my rotation every once in a while. And then In This Moment! I love the lead singer, Maria Brink, and I think she's the prettiest, bad-assiest woman with the most amazing voice in rock music! 😍
I told you my music taste can get pretty crazy. 🤣 

💭 Do you like any of these songs or bands? What are the first five songs that pop up when you press shuffle?


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