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Happy Wednesday, friends! Halfway through the week already! 🥳 I replicated something in the vein of "WWW Wednesdays" from Taking on a World of Words. And this post will cover the following:

1. What is the last book I finished?
2. What am I currently reading?
3. What do I plan on reading next?

Simple! 🙌🏻

The last book I finished

Barbarian Lover

I read the 3rd in the series, Ice Planet Barbarians. Guys 🤯 I want to mock this series so bad, just because aliens + smut, like... you think it would be cheesy and not well done, right? Well it was cheesy mostly, but in my opinion, it was executed VERY well! And each book just gets better...

What I'm currently reading

Checked out from library / Nonfic

Book club / Kindle Unlimited

Current audiobook / Scribd

Being at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not very invested in this book at the moment. I haven't exactly learned anything I didn't already know, and I'm at 61%.

Things We Hide From the Light

My lil' book club read Things We Never Got Over last month for book club to prepare for this new release in the Knockemout series. I'm at 81%!

Barbarian Mine

I just had to start the next book of Ice Planet Barbarians. I'm so excited that Scribd has this entire series for me to devour! 😜 I'm at 51%.

What I plan to read next


I am SO excited to read the newest in the Plated Prisoner series! I've been pretty invested in this series since my co-teacher convinced me to start reading them. I'm a little upsetti-spaghetti that the final book won't be out until December, though. 😩 Please pray for me during this difficult time... 🙏🏻

💭 WHAT books are on your last/current/next?


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