#RandomFridayFive: Can't Read My Poker Face...

Every once in a while, I like to talk about music. 

Reading is my first love, but music is my second! I have over 3,000 songs on my Apple Music, and it continues to grow on the daily because I live for new music.

One day I went from listening to Slipknot, to Billy Joel, to BeyoncΓ©... talk about different music styles! πŸ˜‚ So here's another installment of #RandomFridayFive, where I put all songs on shuffle and post the first five that pop up!

Just here for the tunes...

"Streets of Gold" by 3OH!3 — Listen: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube
"If This Is Love (feat. phem)" by The Hunna — Listen: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube
"Victory" by Fire From the Gods — Listen: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube
"Poker Face" by Blowsight — Listen: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube
"Alive" by Storm the Sky — Listen: Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube

My favorite from this batch is probably Blowsight's cover of "Poker Face" — I can't resist a good rock cover of a catchy pop song!

πŸ’­ What are the first five songs that pop up when you press shuffle? Share your tunes with me!


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